Guys Guide To Flowers

Be Spontaneous!
If you really want to make them feel special, surprise them! Anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day are obvious occasions to send flowers and they are quite used to receiving flowers at these times. In fact, they love it!
Why Wait for an Occasion?
Flowers given for no reason other than 'I was thinking of you today' make a huge impact, simply because they are unexpected. EVERYONE  love surprises!
Try Something New
Most of us are keenly aware of the multitude of flower varieties available and are eager to see new flowers first-hand. Why not consider sending something unusual?
Being innovative demonstrates that you have consciously thought of a way to delight and surprise them, & not simply sent something they will be merely satisfied with; plus - your originality will not go unnoticed!
Don’t be Predictable!
A Flower Gift for Everyone?
From romantic to friendly to 'something in between', flowers are a gift suitable for all recipients and great choice for all occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, the birth of a new baby, sympathy gifts and more.
Sending flowers is a great way to express many thoughts and feelings:
Can I Send Flowers to my Work Colleagues and Clients?
Sending flowers to colleagues and clients is becoming increasingly popular and is seen as a professional way to show your appreciation and thanks.
How do I Get the Best Reaction?
Go for gold! If you really want to make a statement, send the flowers, a bear, balloon & Chocolates to their work address. They will be the envy of all their colleagues and you - the apple of their eye.
Flowers are Never Boring
Because of their infinite diversity and unique appeal, flowers can be given time and time again without losing their 'specialness'. Each new floral arrangement is a fresh and individual declaration of appreciation, reflecting positively on your imagination and thoughtfulness.
Be Prepared
When ordering with Our Studio, have all the delivery details ready. Sending flowers to 'a gorgeous blonde with green eyes working on level 3' is not sufficient. There may be many on level 3 fitting the description. Make sure you know a name and a surname, name of the company they work for, and have your Gift card Message & Payment details (credit card or paypal) on hand.
A Gift of Flowers Only goes a Long Way
Everyone remembers the last time they received flowers; they treasure that moment forever. You not only score 'brownie points' with them, but also with their friends and family, as they will be the envy of all their co-workers and friends and they will never stop asking questions.
Ask for Advice
Selecting flowers may be a bewildering experience for the uninitiated person. If in doubt, phone for advice on 08 8952 3435. We can create an affordable and personalised flower gift that will match both your sentiments and their personality.